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Major interests are photography and other arts. l've also been building the family genealogy. So I decided to build this web site and try to cover most of my interests.

I'm using the sidebar Gadgets that you see on your right for the navigation instead of tabs at the top of each page.

The sidebars also contain relevant queries from Google News. For example, the sidebar to your right contains queries about 'art inspiration'. The Photography sidebar contains several queries within 'Favorite Photographers', 'Photography in the News', 'High Dynamic Range - HDR', ' Photoshop CS5 Stuff', and 'Interesting Photo Sites'. This CS5 topic contains several queries such as 'photoshop cs5', 'lightroom cs5', 'photoshop cs5 tutorial', 'photoshop technique'.

The Woodturning, Painting/Sculpture, and Genealogy sections contain comparable subject-matter queries.

I hope you enjoy what I am presenting. I can be reached via email by clicking here, or through the blogs comment section below. 
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  1. Ok Stuart, here's a comment. A great start.

    John Beshoar